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Judgement of the Jedi Interview

Article for Universe at War: Earth Assault UAW

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Created: Monday April 21, 2008 - 2:29
Updated: Tuesday April 22, 2008 - 13:09
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Summary: An interview with the Judgement of the Jedi team about their up and coming mod for UAW!


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Hey guys, how're ya'll doing? Let's get this kicked off with the obvious - what is JoJ?
Judgment of the Jedi [JoJ] is a total conversion Star War: Clone Wars modification for Universe at War: Earth Assault.

How long have you guys been working on this project, and how many people do you
have or have had working on it?

Kelathin: Well I'm not the founder, Wildstar founded the mod, so I wasn't on JoJ from day 1. My roles include the following: Prop modeling, limited character modeling, basic alamo rigging, uving, some xml, and I coded the mod launcher.

CaptWildstar: I am the founder of the mod and I came up with the idea for this grand mod in April of 2007. Work began in June of 2007 with Kelathin and I announcing in in July. I gave Kelathin the job as Leader and myself the job as Co-Leader and Lead Modeler.

Konan: Im Konan (gamer tag Klonan if you want a whooping) and i've only just join the Joj program. i really don't have a lot to do here until the projects a bit further on. i will hopefully (if im not sacked) be coding the lua's for the game, and doing the odd xml here and there.

Mekanismo: I've been with the group since December as character animator. Kelathin recruited me from another website and I was impressed by the way the mod was presented in terms of scope and organization.
This is the first mod I've worked on, I've been asked to join a couple of others, but those groups didn't strike me as having the necessary plan laid out, nor a strong and varied staff to support such a project.
Wildstar and Kelathin have done a fantastic job identifying needs and looking for people to plug those holes. Petroglyph has also been great with their support.

JediCommando: I am JediCommando, and i love star wars. Once i saw a thread on the forums on petroglyphgames that had the name Judgment of the Jedi. I knew what it stood for
and i decide that i should sign up and help out Joj in anyway i can either with my mapping skills or drawing skills. My main role for JoJ is an concept artist, you might have seen my work on our moddb profile and my secondary role for JoJ is an mapper. I have been playing around with ea game's cnc generals world builder and of course i have also been playing around with petro's Star Wars: Empire At War map editor. I cant wait to start mapping for JoJ once UaWs Map Editor comes out.

Schrodinger: I'm Schrödinger and my role is skinning for Judgement of the Jedi. When Kelathin sent me link to ModDB site of JotJ i decided to join, mainly because I though that Univere at War could be a great engine for a Star Wars mod aswell as because I already had some experiance with this engine in Empire at War. I'm hoping for a great future for our mod.

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