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Forged Battalion has been announced

Posted by Banshee at Petrolution News on October 17, 2017

Petroglyph Studios has announced a new RTS game for Steam known as Forged Battalion. Here's the trailer:

In this game, you're part of a resistance group, taking the world back from a military force called The Collective at the end of the 21st century.

It should come with the following features:

- Strong focus on unit customisation and building your own faction. You can alter every unit's chassis with different weapons, locomotor types and regenerative armor.
- There will be a 'persistent tech tree', meaning that each battle will contribute to your overall progress, helping to unlock new blueprints.
- There'll also be co-op and competitive multiplayer for up to eight players, also something that is being called a 'dynamic story campaign' and Steam Workshop support.
- Expect superweapons.
- The first early access version should include at least five campaign missions, different multiplayer modes and five multiplayer maps.

Forged Battalion will launch in 2018 on Steam Early Access. Thanks to Plokite_Wolf for the news tip.



8-Bits Armies for Nintendo Switch

Posted by Banshee at Petrolution News on August 30, 2017

If you are a happy owner of Nintendo Switch, you'll be happy with this news: 8-Bit Armies is being ported to your video game soon. At least, according to this "Nindies" trailer.




AI Breakthrough

Posted by Ghostrider at Phoenix Rising News on June 7, 2016

After weeks and months of testing, and trying to figure out how to get the AI to react as a human does in a galactic environment, the PR team have finally achieved a significant AI breakthrough:


The AI now aggressively attacks independent planets, takes worlds, builds fleets, and stomps all over unwary humans if given half a chance. 


The AI equasions to do this have been in place do this for years, but for months the AI has lain dormant, effectively asleep. We have tried hundreds of different ideas to get the AI to activate - all to no effect. 


And how did we achieve this? 


The frustrating answer, familiar to most modders out there is simple. We changed 1 value in the XMLs, instead of increasing the value from 1.0 to 1.25 we should have decreased the value to 0.75. It just took 6 months of testing to realise that is what we needed to do!


WOW. Did the AI react or what?

It annihilated one of the testers in Core Worlds in under a quarter of the time taken for a human player to "WIN" Core Worlds if unopposed. 


Now that we know the AI is working, I have to go back and undo many of the campaign changes put in place that were an attempt to make the AI respond, but the mod is finally alive and kicking. We need to test and polish a bit more, but this makes us a lot closer to where we want to be. 





8-Bit Armies

Posted by Digz at Petrolution News on March 11, 2016

Petroglyph have just released a video announcing a new game they are working on and looks close to release from the games Steam page. It's features currently indicate a simple, back to basics retro-style RTS game that will get us playing what we love: a simple, fast paced RTS! Check out the video below they released:



Here's what Petroglyph are describing this game as on their Steam page:



A Blast from the Past 
8-Bit Armies is a classic, C&C-style Real-Time Strategy PC game. It's our most fast-paced, friendly, and accessible RTS game to date. Featuring offline single-player missions, co-op mode, skirmish, and PvP multiplayer modes running on dedicated servers. 

Initial release includes: 

  • 25 offline campaign missions
  • 10 co-op missions to play with your friends
  • 10 multiplayer/skirmish maps that support up to 8 players online
  • AI with multiple difficulty options to play with cooperatively or fight against
  • Classic Base-Building mechanics let you construct the ultimate HQ from which to launch attacks against your foes
  • Destructible environments on maps ranging from small to very large
  • Easy to understand modern military units and structures lets RTS beginners jump right in
  • From the same team that brought you RTS classics such as Star Wars: Empire at War, Universe at War, and Grey Goo

8-Bit Armies is for anyone that enjoys RTS games, or felt overwhelmed by more serious games. With hours of solo and co-op gameplay included, there's something here for everyone!





Grey Goo's 4th patch: the ballance patch

Posted by Banshee at Petrolution News on March 28, 2015

A couple of days ago, Greybox has released the first ballance patch for Grey Goo. Here's the official notes on it with a long list of changes:

The first balance patch is here!

Here is the finalized list of changes going into the first major balance update released on Tuesday March 24th. These include revisions inspired by the testing done on our Public Test Branch. See the previous balance details here.

Any changes labeled with [PTB] resulted from data collected during the Public Test Branch.

Due to the number of balance adjustments we are implementing with this patch, both 1v1 and 2v2 ranked leaderboards will be reset upon the update's arrival. Your Elo matchmaking rating and win-loss records will be wiped during this reset, allowing you the opportunity to test your skills in a new season.

The formed Goo, Repair Subroutine Upgrade, and Sentinel Repair Upgrade regeneration effects now only activate when the units and structures are not actively taking or dealing damage.
Targeting priorities have been re-factored to prioritize units over structures in most cases.

Beta Faction

Air Canister Upgrade

[PTB] Range down from 450 to 350


[PTB] Health up from 100 to 110
[PTB] Damage down from 11 to 9
[PTB] Movement speed down from 120 to 115

Stealth Sniper Upgrade

Range down from 500 to 425
Stealth is now always active outside of combat and will reapply 8 seconds after combat ends.


Health up from 130 to 140


Damage down from 25 to 20
Range up from 750 to 800
Armor penetration down from 3 to 0
AoE radius down from 150 to 125


[PTB] Rate of fire down from 1.75 to 1.5
Range down from 650 to 550
Long-Range Ballistics Upgrade range down from 1200 to 900
Long-Range Ballistics Upgrade damage down from 35 to 25


[PTB] Damage down from 40 to 24


Health down from 100 to 75


Rate of fire up from 0.5 to 1
Ammo up from 4 to 5
Cost up from 270 to 315


Ammo up from 2 to 3
Damage down from 75 to 50
Nimbus Napalm Upgrade now lasts 5 seconds down from 5.5
Nimbus Napalm Upgrade AoE radius down from 250 to 200


Shot timings have been shifted to have a smaller cast time and a longer cooldown. Rate of fire remains the same.
Cost down from 675 to 600

Hand of Ruk

Range down from 2000 to 1500


Armor down from 3 to 0
Build time up from 25 to 30
[PTB] Pillar cost up from 50 to 90
Pillar health down from 1250 to 1000
Straight cost up from 50 to 90

Small Power Hub

Health up from 300 to 400

Medium Power Hub

Build time down from 50 to 45

Large Power Hub

Health down from 900 to 800

Repair Pad

Heals for 15 every 2 sec up from 20 every 5 sec
Build time down from 50 to 30
Cost down from 500 to 300
Health down from 1500 to 1000


Rearms aircraft 1 ammo every sec up from 1 ammo every 2 sec
[PTB] Build time up from 30 to 35
[PTB] Cost up from 240 to 245


Health down from 1000 to 750
[PTB] Extractor size reduced to match the Human Extractor


[PTB] Health up from 80 to 120
[PTB] Movement speed up from 100 to 125


[PTB] Creates Harvesters every 20 sec up from 15

"No-Build" Influence Radius

Small Hub radius increased from 400 to 600
Medium Hub radius increased from 400 to 600
Large Hub radius increased from 500 to 600
Headquarter radius increased from 800 to 1000

Goo Faction


Range down from 250 to 200


[PTB] Health down from 125 to 115
[PTB] Rate of fire down from 1.25 to 1


Damage down from 25 to 18

Small Protean

Health up from 150 to 160

Small and Large Protean

Slow enemies by 50% down from 90%


Damage down from 10 to 6
Range down from 1500 to 1000
Projectile speed up from 150 to 200
Projectile Endurance Upgrade AoE radius down from 100 to 75
Projectile Endurance damage down from 5 to 2
Projectile Endurance range down from 1500 to 1000


[PTB] Rate of fire down from 1.75 to 1.5
[PTB] Damage down from 42 to 36
[PTB] Health down from 155 to 150
Movement speed down from 120 to 105
Target damage and splash damage have been separated. Splash damage down from 42 to 15 but target damage remains the same.


Range up from 800 to 1000
Damage down from 400 to 300

Catalyst Vents

Grant 160 health per pickup to the Mother Goo and Proto-Purger up from 85

Mother Goo

Stealth detection range down from 800 to 400
Armor penetration down from 10 to 0
Max health has increased from 1300 to 1600
Health per size has increased from 200 to 320
Catalyst digestion health per second up from 5 to 8
First size max health down from 500 to 320
Initial Mother Goo starting health down from 400 to 240


[PTB] Starting health down from 2000 to 200 to maintain build time from Catalyst Vent change.

Human Faction


[PTB] Health up from 115 to 140
[PTB] Damage down from 8 to 7
Build time up from 20 to 25
Cost up from 100 to 125


Damage down from 6 to 5
[PTB] Health down from 100 to 95


Armor down from 3 to 0
[PTB] Range up from 350 to 375
[PTB] Damage down from 3 to 2
Health up from 75 to 90


[PTB] Range up from 350 to 400
Movement speed down from 95 to 90


[PTB] Cost down from 440 to 385
Damage down from 30 to 23
Range up from 800 to 900
Armor penetration down from 3 to 0
AoE radius down from 150 to 100
Mine (default) no longer has stealth
Mine duration down from 12 to 3 sec
Proximity Mine Radar Upgrade mine duration down from 18 to 9 sec


Movement speed down from 130 to 110
Damage down from 42 to 24


Damage level one DPS down from 50 to 10
Damage level two DPS down from 60 to 40
Damage levels one and two now last 3 seconds up from 2


Damage down from 125 to 60
Ammo up from 1 to 2
Rate of fire up from 1 to 2
Cost up from 300 to 350

Mine Drop Upgrade

[PTB] Armor penetration down from 3 to 0
[PTB] Mine no longer has stealth
[PTB] Mine duration down from 10 to 6


Health up from 75 to 100
[PTB] Movement speed down from 275 to 250
[PTB] Vision up from 1000 to 1200
[PTB] Cost up from 75 to 105
[PTB] Build time up from 25 to 35


Movement speed down from 400 to 375
Armor penetration down from 6 to 0
AoE radius down from 75 to 50
Damage up from 13 to 20
Rate of fire up from 0.5 to 1.25

Aircraft Repair Upgrade

Repairs 8% every sec up from 5% every sec


Movement speed up from 50 to 75
Explosion interval health threshold down from 500 health to 300 health

Repair Subroutine Upgrade

Repairs 10% every 5 sec up from 5% every 5 sec

Air Pad

[PTB] Cost up from 60 to 80
[PTB] Build time up from 15 to 20
Rearms aircraft 1 ammo every sec up from 1 ammo every 2 sec


[PTB] Health up from 250 to 300


Build time up from 75 to 120
Cost up from 750 to 1200
Cooldown up from 150 to 180
Now has a visible 5 second charge up telegraph and an audio queue before activation


Armor down from 6 to 0
Build time up from 30 to 40
Pillar cost up from 30 to 80
Pillar health down from 1000 to 750
Straight cost up from 30 to 80
Regeneration up from 15/sec to 25/sec

Human Sentinels

Now have a population of 1
Take 10 seconds to teleport up from 5

Artillery Sentinel

Range down from 1750 to 1000
[PTB] Damage up from 15 to 20
[PTB] Health up from 250 to 300
Armor down from 6 to 3

Anti-Heavy Sentinel

Armor down from 6 to 3

Anti-Air Sentinel

Damage down from 8 to 4
Armor down from 6 to 3


Health down from 1000 to 750


[PTB] Movement speed down from 130 to 125


[PTB] Creates Harvesters every 10 sec up from 7.5

"No-Build" Influence Radius

Core radius increased from 800 to 1000



GreyGoo's second patch is online.

Posted by Banshee at Petrolution News on February 17, 2015

The second patch for GreyGoo has recently seen the light of the day. Here's the official changelog:

February 17, 2015 Update Notes

Default AI is now Lambert instead of Random

Fixed an issue where the RTS Primer VO audio was incorrect in German

Aircraft will now prioritize empty landing pads first when ordered to land by right clicking on Hangars/Airpads
Further improved the extents shrinking from 50% to 25% to minimize artillery/AoE impact of grouped units

Adjusted Easy and Normal difficulty settings. Hard difficulty is unaffected.
Fixed an issue where script-spawned units were not being given the correct health modifiers
Fixed a bug in The Barricade that caused some enemy Guardian units to idle in brush instead of properly mounting wall pillars

Added matchmaking improvements to allow players easier access to searching for matches worldwide
Improved logic for detecting players disconnecting to force a win or avoid a loss
Servers will now temporarily pause when connection loss is first detected
Added improvements to performance that prevents certain cases from lagging the client severely
Structures from an eliminated player will now properly clear up passability upon deletion
Fixed a crash local to 32 bit machines
Fixed a crash that would occur while loading a multiplayer match
Fixed a lock that would occur for clients when the host would close the lobby
Fixed an issue where 2v2 Ranked matches were not properly reporting
Fixed crash that would occur when starting skirmish match

Terrain Editor
Fixed crash that would occur when launching a custom map with the spigot marker inside the HQ boundaries
Fixed crash that would occur when loading an untouched custom map

Moved Quick Match window up in the Multiplayer screen while search is ongoing
Added translations for new text
Fixed an issue with compressed Korean text
Added a new Extras section to the menu with a quick launch button for the Terrain Editor
Made various fixes to improve performance in the UI
Fixed an issue where the game would unpause immediately after pausing in single player

I've seen many people complaining at the lack of stability of this game. I hope this patch improves this situation.



Battlestar Galactica at War is back!

Posted by Darthbyron56 at Petrolution News on December 27, 2012

Hey Guys, Byron here. Avid BSG fans will be well aware that between 2010/2011 NBC issued a take down notice of a single BSG mod from Moddb.Since Moddb didn't want to get into trouble they decided to remove all BSG related content from their website.

However, we have started up our Battlestar Mod project again, and hopefully we can continue to develop it without NBC feeling threated by its presence.

So what have we been up to?

Well most of the content used in BSG Colonial Wars needed upgrades. Textures weren't great and most models need re-rigging.

Our Priority at the moment is to re-rig enough units to get you guys a mini-mod by 2013. We are aiming for something small, but quite diverse. We aim to change the graphics of the game so you feel like as if your playing a Total Conversion mod.

As mentioned all models are being Re-rigged, and re coded to be more accurate to the ships shown in the show. We have already re-rigged the Battlestar Galactica, and have put its Flak Shield ability to test against some cylon raiders, and the results are fantastic. The video below from our November update shows you this ability being used.

Due to some set backs re-rigging was placed on hold and minor modding of Factions, Galactic Conquests and Planet placement has taken over at this moment. But I am pleased to announce that we have finally overcome the rigging issues we were experiencing with the rigging process, but I'd like to show you what I've been up to in the meantime.

This video shows the new and updated effects that we are looking to create with our mods Galactic Conquest. As you can see we've taken to offering an accurate representation of a Galaxy by adding in Nebula and Star effects, we've even gone as far as adding Suns to each Galaxy.

The area of space you see in this video is known as Helios Alpha, and is one of the primary Helios for the Tweleve Colonies. It features the following planets:

Erebos Asteroids.

Let us know what you think, after many attempts at getting the effects to work correctly I cracked it. We are aiming to develop another 3 of these areas for the other Helios' within the Twelve Colonies. You'll also notice some sound updates for the GC.

The mod is well and truly back in production, however as always we must say that Real Life events to come before any modding, so If you haven't heard from us in a while don't assume we are dead, we might just be very busy.

If you want to keep up to date with is visit and register there with us. The forums is quite New and we still don't have many members.

Thanks Guys,



"Commenor must be some major-league trading planet"

Posted by evilbobthebob at Phoenix Rising News on December 10, 2012

Sited in the Colonies, Commenor is a bustling, arid trade world. Its surface is covered with starports and landing strips for the tonnes of cargo that arrives and leaves, bound for the Core and the Rim. The planet swiftly became independent after the Battle of Endor, but its strategic location means that it's unlikely to stay that way for long.

Posted Image Posted Image

From an initially defensible landing zone, attackers must choose if they want to push up a ramp onto the upper landing strip, or move out onto the open ground below the small clusters of mismatched city buildings.

Posted Image Posted Image

Commenor's varied architecture is the result of its trading heritage; a melting pot of many different races and influences. Of course, both the Empire and New Republic would like to make their mark on the planet...

Posted Image Posted Image

Whoever takes control of this world, it will certainly assure them dominance across the Trellen Trade Route and easy access to the Slice.

Posted Image Posted Image



Empire at War 6 Anniversary!

Posted by Digz at Petrolution News on February 16, 2012

That's right everyone, it's the 6 year anniversary for Empire at War and Petroglyph are showing the way on how to celebrate it:

Happy 6th anniversary Star Wars: Empire at War!

Help Petroglyph get 500 subscribers on our YouTube page by the end of the week by sharing this video and the YouTube page, and we will give away 5 signed box copies of the original game to the pool of those who helped make it happen!

If you want a chance to win a signed box copy of the original EaW game go to the Petroglyph forums here and share the Youtube video above and help Petroglyph get to 500 subscribers for their Youtube channel. Also go to the thread and post your favourite EaW mods so others can see!



Star Wars Empire at War: Full Mod

Posted by Digz at Petrolution News on February 11, 2012

A new mod has been released for Empire at War, it's called the 'Full Mod' and it adds a lot to the game, with changes to the skins and textures of units, structures and planet landscapes this mod is already looking like a mod to download. However it also adds in some new heroes and it has changed the difficulty of the Galactic Conquest so you won't be able to just beat it like you used to (no matter what level you were playing it on!).

You can view the changes here.

Otherwise what are you waiting for?! Hit the download button below or go here to view to the mods ModDB page to check out the mod some more.

Star Wars: Empire At War - Full Mod - Beta 1



But I've learned so much!

Posted by Ghostrider at Phoenix Rising News on January 7, 2012

With the stunning potential of the Freerunner model in full view, combined with the skeletal structure of the land mod in place, Phoenix Rising approached me the end of 2010 with a challenge: resurrect the Training Manual for the mod.
I had initially tried to write a training manual during 2010, but the idea never had any real structure and the project was put back on the shelf to gather dust.

The need for a manual had been building unseen for months. When we started development of V1.2 all those months ago, the mod was still small enough to be able to play by instinct and a few basic tool tips. As mod development continued, we were able to keep track of the expansion in units through simple documentation. However, as time went on this became more involved, with some fairly complex spreadsheets to keep track of space forces, the expanding number of planets and their advantages.
Then we added heroes. Lots of heroes. The complement system changed and more independent space units were added. Somewhere in the future the sheer scale of the mod would be too great to simply play by instinct alone, and too complex to try and remember everything as a developer.

The decision to redo the land mechanic from scratch became the focus for some form of supporting literature. However, the new land combat system is so totally different in design and depth that it would be hard for even the most experienced players to learn how to fight well on land. Support literature was needed, for players and designers alike.

But what form should this documentation take?
The old concept of the Training Manual came back to life and this time it had real purpose – help explain the nuances of ground and space combat and help players to make the most of all the development work that has created Phoenix Rising. The Technical Manual was born.

Posted Image

As a graphic designer by trade with access to some high-end design software, I wanted the manual to be both informative and visually exciting. The design software can output to PDF, making it an ideal package to create an easy to read and near universal distribution format, and in shape I wanted the manual to fill the screen nicely and frame the new 3D renders created by Nertea. In addition, the copious library of screenshots could serve to illustrate units in action and key points of gameplay if required.
Once the basic structure of the manual was underway, a framing device was needed for the top and bottom of the page, and what better than an iconic screenshot of an Imperial-class Star Destroyer underbelly taken during initial testing of Operation Skyhook, deliberately taken to mimic the opening frames of “A New Hope”.
Tinted starscapes of Bespin space battles would initially serve as a background colour for the main text, but were since dropped in favour of another Skyhook screenshot featuring all the classic rebellion era units, including the DEATH STAR.
For the land pages, Phoenix Rising’s epic initial battle of Freerunners vs AT-AT’s on dusty Brentaal were unbeatable as background images and we simply had to include Nertea’s efforts in full detail.

Posted Image

But what of the text itself?
For me, nothing short of a full technical manual would do, as part of the fun of being involved in development is discovering what actually happens if you push the Power to Weapons button mid battle, or wondering exactly how much more firepower you get if you upgrade those Dual Laser cannons to Quads. There have also been a tremendous number of esoteric discussions about almost every aspect of the mod, for example wondering why Dark Empire-era AT-AT’s are so terrifyingly effective. With the manual we can add this information in and fill in all sorts of interesting details and share some of the development buzz.
It also gives us the opportunity to thank in detail the vast number of contributors to the mod, and highlight some of the hidden work that often goes unnoticed by testers and other members of the team.

Posted Image

Although it would be nice to have a full technical readout of every weapon, starship, upgrade, planet, hero and tank in the mod, clearly this would have to wait and to be built up chapter by chapter. For V1.2 an introductory General Overview and a Military Overview would suffice, hopefully giving players enough information to understand the basics of space and land combat, with the shorter space section covering useful updates while the Land section required a a complete breakdown of the new combat mechanic in its entirety, as trying to make the most of the new combat system would be a serious challenge without literature, and most players would miss out on critical tactical information this would make play harder and much less enjoyable.

Little did we know at the time that these two chapters would develop over the last year to over 100 pages, positively crammed with hints, tips, screenshots and enough technical data to keep an R2 unit happy for weeks. The manual also gives us an opportunity to thanks all the huge number of contributors to the mod over this lengthy development cycle, including the efforts of the various campaign testers and the output of our newest addition to the Phoenix Rising Team, evilbobthebob – our lead mapper.

The Space section of Chapter II includes data on all the space-based weapon systems, a detailed review of unit abilities and a look at the underpinning mechanics of space unit classes, covering armor types accuracy, damage control parties and other useful information. A full section describing all the different defensive and offensive abilities and a review of the compliment system rounds off the technical aspects of
space combat.

Posted Image

A Recent Addition
In the last month a new major section has been added to the manual. A rather innocuous comment on the forums – on a completely unrelated topic naturally – made me realise that there was a gap in the manual. Many players are not aware of the full potential and fleet roles of the huge variety of units in the Rebel and Imperial fleets.

Posted Image Posted Image

This has now been resolved with a full 20 page review of all player fleet units, together with indications of their upgrade potential in the General Overview section. This and should provide commanders with greater insights into how to improve their combat skills, especially when paired with the technical briefings contained in Chapter II.

Discussion with the testers has since added a couple of pages of tactical notes and some great gameplay tips, together to make the General Overview complete.

Posted Image

The Land Section of the Military Overview provides complete details of the Land combat mechanic, describing the key difference between 5 units classes of Droids, Infantry, Walker, Crawler and Speeder, describing in detail the strengths and weaknesses of each class, how units are produced and full technical readouts of upgrades. Tips and strategy are included, indicating all the facets of gameplay, from bombing runs to infantry garrisons in vehicles.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

You get to see the full weapon load-outs of all independent enemy units, and some stunning images of all the new units that have been introduced or converted for the intensity of planetary invasion as seen from a mud-hugging trooper or armoured assault carrier.

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

And if this was not enough, we have full listings of all land weapon systems with damage tables for the multitude of pistols, rifles, carbines, grenade launchers, flamethrowers, mines, and heavy vehicle-based weaponry that are now in regular use!

Posted Image

Future Chapters
These two chapters are just the beginning. As indicated earlier, the aim is to eventually put together a comprehensive technical manual for the mod, and the plan is to slowly release additional chapters as and when they are written!
The next chapter to be written will be Galactic Mode, used as a guide to help players make the most of all the information available to them, and this will also include details on hyperspace travel, trade routes, spying, information gathering and so on – but that won’t be started until after the release.
Following that will be chapters on Economy and Production at the very least – but this will all take months to complete, and as we progress into the development of V1.3, more time will be required to update existing chapters as well as writing new ones.
The V1.2 Manual will be included as a PDF with the release, and as always, we look forward to the ideas and comments this generates on the forums and I am sure V1.3 development will benefit as a result.



Campaign Optimisation

Posted by Ghostrider at Phoenix Rising News on September 8, 2011

Mod development is a double edged vibro-blade at times. Adding detail and expanding gameplay can have an effect on performance, and this has always been a challenge with campaign development, where you can’t just cram zillions of unarmed freighters around a trade planet to make it look real without making the PC sweat a bit.

The trick is to add enough units to make planetary defense fleets look and feel real, and to have enough variety that you each fleet is different, and yet balancing this with performance.

Several breakthroughs in the development process have made this a lot easier and add up to making a much better mod.

Firstly, PR looked at how the game engine works from a theoretical aspect. While we are unable to optimise the engine itself, we can optimise the data that the engine uses, and this has been done by eliminating unused XML data objects. So the Zann Consortium has been whittled down to a handful of pirate/independent units, corruption missions are gone and the interventions (the random missions that used to pop up) have been removed from the AI. Redundant GUI model code was also scrapped.

De-bugging also uncovers some unusual problems. During late V1.1 testing we discovered that someone had accidentally left a microscopic sized level 5 Starbase tucked under each planet in galactic mode, and removing this certainly made the graphics card a bit happier.

The other big change to V1.2 is the use of a config.meg file to wrap all the XML’s into a single package, which reduces hard-drive access time, and therefore improves loading times.

We also tried unplugging the AI completely (not just switching it off), but this made very little difference to performance, as some of the performance issues are inherent to EAW modding – so we work around as best we can.

For the campaigns themselves, there is a clear correlation between the number of units in play and degrading performance and simply capping the large campaigns to a maximum of 100 planets was a step in the right direction. However, the big breakthrough came in recent testing, when Evilbobthebob discovered that while large campaign files are certainly slower than small files, the really important factor is diversity. It’s better to have fleet of 50 identical frigates than a smaller fleet of 10 frigates, 10 bombers, 10 fighters and 5 freighters.

With this in mind we tested a new approach to fleet composition:
We can keep a huge stock list of available ships, but ensure individual fleets don’t have two different ships performing the same role, and keep the upgrade level consistent with the fleet.
For example, a smuggler world would have several YT1300b’s instead of a motley assortment of randomly upgraded freighters. This eliminates several unit variants in one go, but players are still attacked by a swarm of hard-hitting light freighters.
The next smuggler world might be poorer, but slightly more criminally minded and would have say HWK Medium Raiders for a slightly more piratical bias.
As a player you are met with a completely different foe, but the game engine is happy to only deal with one variant instead of six.

This approach has been applied across the entire mod, and while no two planets will have the same choices from what is now a large unit database, but the results work. In the last three months, all seven campaigns have been re-optimised (the Beta varsion) with this viewpoint and, if anything having fewer types of units in an individual fleet accentuates the differences between one planet and the next and makes the universe that much more interesting. And the performance benefits speak volumes as the CPU is better able to manage the galaxy.

The following test results were achieved on a 3.6GHz Quad Core - Alpha version early V1.2 testing, Beta version post optimisation

Loading Times (s)

Core Worlds (Alpha) 31
Core Worlds (Beta) 25
Inner Rim (Alpha) 36
Inner Rim (Beta) 21
Outer Rim (Alpha) 53
Outer Rim (Beta) 38
Operation Skyhook (Alpha) 51
Operation Skyhook (Beta) 40
Thrawn Offensive (Alpha) 50
Thrawn Offensive (Beta) 42
Galaxy Far Far Away (Alpha) 107
Galaxy Far Far Away (Beta) 60
Operation Shadow Hand (Alpha) 67
Operation Shadow Hand (Beta) 59

Max Frame Rate Per Second

Core Worlds (Alpha) 28
Core Worlds (Beta) 32
Inner Rim (Alpha) 24
Inner Rim (Beta) 36
Outer Rim (Alpha) 20
Outer Rim (Beta) 24
Operation Skyhook (Alpha) 18
Operation Skyhook (Beta) 23
Thrawn Offensive (Alpha) 17
Thrawn Offensive (Beta) 19
Galaxy Far Far Away (Alpha) 11
Galaxy Far Far Away (Beta) 18
Operation Shadow Hand (Alpha) 10
Operation Shadow Hand (Beta) 12

Average Frame Rate per Second (1 minute test)

Core Worlds (Alpha) 24
Core Worlds (Beta) 29
Inner Rim (Alpha) 18
Inner Rim (Beta) 28
Outer Rim (Alpha) 16
Outer Rim (Beta) 20
Operation Skyhook (Alpha) 15
Operation Skyhook (Beta) 21
Thrawn Offensive (Alpha) 14
Thrawn Offensive (Beta) 16
Galaxy Far Far Away (Alpha) 9
Galaxy Far Far Away (Beta) 15
Operation Shadow Hand (Alpha) 8.2
Operation Shadow Hand (Beta) 8.5

This translates to a 30% improvement on performance for all but the most complex campaigns, and as an added benefit, the new files proved to be smooth and responsive as one moved around the galaxy on all campaigns.

Overall, this means that medium performance systems should be able to play on Core Worlds, Inner Rim, Outer Rim and Operation Skyhook, while lower end PC’s should be able to play Core Worlds and Inner Rim.
And yes - it means that some laptops might be able to play Core Worlds at least, and mine is now used extensively for testing!



Petroglyph nVidia Hardware giveaway.

Posted by Banshee at Petrolution News on August 7, 2011

Do you live in USA or have some parent/friend living there? Check this out:

For more information, check the Rise of Imortals Official Forums.



Machinima Interviews Nick Beliaeff on EoN

Posted by Digz at Petrolution News on June 21, 2011

Machinima interviewed Nick Beliaeff at E3 and they talked about End of Nations, which has been a bit quiet lately so take a look:



I Think, Therefore I Am

Posted by Phoenix Rising at Phoenix Rising News on February 16, 2011

It never worked.

No one could tell in the beginning, when we were still like vanilla. We got our first hint of the truth with research. Then the attacks began to quiet, and colonies disappeared. If we continued to change, there would soon be no game.

We changed anyway.

The task ahead was unprecedented: create a fully customized artificial intelligence. Despite a community's best efforts, it had never before been achieved. All attempts to alter the equations, the AI's means of perceiving the state of the game, had failed.

It turns out that FoC actually runs two distinct AIs: its own and EaW's. There is no way to alter the original EaW AI through modding FoC. It can, however, be circumvented.

And we have finally done so. After an arduous process of black box testing with no debug tools and too many distinct exception fixes to remember, Phoenix Rising can think.

My main objective with the AI in this release, besides deciphering a confusing system architecture so that it might work, was to return all the functionality it had out-of-the-box. It would need to be taught to reason in terms of our rules instead of those of the original game. Every line of every script and equation would need to be reviewed and, if necessary, converted.

In previous versions of PR, the base AI became dysfunctional as gameplay gradually changed. Some features went unaffected, while others shut down entirely. This iteration should return everything to its disposal.

A few aspects of the original AI would explicitly not make the transfer. Gone are the cheat scripts that spawned everything from cash to structures to dreadnaughts. The future will be won or lost on our own merits.

Before I began, a unique category type was created for each unit class in the game. It's now possible to easily distinguish between freighters and corvettes in the code, which, despite their very different roles, wasn't previously practical. More than just an AI improvement, this has benefits for anything that deals with units.

The conversion yielded an operational AI adapted to our scope and terminology, but with essentially the same logical processes as vanilla. For the space and land portion of the AI, this was acceptable - reformulating equations from scratch and adding new behaviors are projects for a later date.

Galactic AI was another matter. In EaW, a surprising portion of it simply did not work - rarely would you see an enemy Infiltrator Facility, Officer Academy, Cantina, Hutt Palace, or Mining Facility. Given its reaction to our splitting the Star Base, there was little left to salvage. Infrastructure, as it were, would have to be built from the ground up.

Once again, a subproject was called for and all structures were reevaluated. Why teach the AI how to build when the blueprints might be outdated? Basic stats like cost, time, and integrity were tweaked, but that's just the start.

We had a clean slate for land, so nothing would be held sacred. Starships are naturally organized into classes based on their size, but what about ground vehicles? EaW split them into indiscrete groups of "light", "heavy", and "advanced". I prefer to think of vehicles in terms of their method of locomotion. In that trend, there will be three types of factory: the Crawler Factory, for traction-based units; the Walker Factory, for legged vehicles; and the Speeder Factory, for anything that hovers. All building prerequisites were removed.

What's the difference between SecForce and SpecForce? We felt it was more than just a letter - the need for dichotomous barracks has been apparent for some time. With generic heroes steadily approaching pointlessness in favor of named, the Officer Academy no longer made sense. Its models were cannibalized to create a new concept for Stormtrooper and Special Forces types, the Elite Barracks. The suddenly redundant Infiltrator Facility was discarded.

"Hutt Palace" felt too factional, so it was replaced with a functionally identical Guild House. The HVs-2 Hypervelocity Gun and m-68 Planetary Magnepulse Cannon are no longer buildable by the Empire; in their place is the w-165 Planetary Turbolaser. The term "Star Base" has been retired in favor of "Orbital Shipyard". Finally, space research and upgrades are now conducted from a Research Station, which opens up use of places like The Maw and its Research 3 advantage.

With structures settled, work on the AI could begin in earnest. For every strategic and tactical goal available to the AI, there is an underlying equation that resolves to a number representative of desire to perform said action. Goals are organized into likewise sets; the goal with the highest desire in a set is executed by a plan - provided that the cost of the plan fits into the AI's budget. This process is repeated after a time interval given by the goal for every applicable object or area in the game. In the case of infrastructure, it's always considering friendly planets.

The first step in a new equation is to establish a constant desire to be modified by factors in the game. For production facilities, we use a large number that scales down as the faction reaches an "ideal" galactic ratio of structures to planets. For something like a Mining Facility or Golan SpaceGun, we're more concerned about not exceeding a local ratio. Others require unique considerations.

In all cases, it's prudent to include some basic checks to eliminate choices that break the rules. For example, the AI should not try to build stations if there is no colony, or a Walker Factory if it is Rebel, or two Research Facilities. Decisions should also be weighted by the relative value of a target planet, whether it is connected to an enemy player or not, and possibly by what other structures are present.

The aforementioned logic could work for any FoC mod, but this is our AI. Remember the planetary advantage update I posted about last year? It understands them intrinsically. Clone worlds get Elite Barracks. Research Stations are built at places with Archives. And Mining Facilities become increasingly difficult to pass up the greater the bonus.

It all adds up to an opponent that can do everything a human player can do - including win. Sure, it may throw units at you like it always has in battle, but its bases will be laid out with master precision. And that is the foundation.



“I don’t like you!”

Posted by Ghostrider at Phoenix Rising News on September 10, 2010

Step into the wrong cantina, tell fat jokes to a Hutt, or fly against illegally modified fighters and transports are three quick ways to die.

As the campaigns have evolved, so have the pirate variants and assorted semi-legal and illegal starfighters, transports and even larger pirate vessels. Some of the semi-legal variants are simply custom modifications using more expensive shielding and standard weaponry components, but there are a handful of very unpleasant surprises in the galaxy, using some extremely illegal technologies.

Any planet with a shadowport or underworld is likely to have some of the shady or semi-legal units, but as the true illegal units carry an automatic death mark on most civilised worlds, these are seen only where organised crime has the upper hand.

Semi-legal or customised variants

Aggressor Assault Fighter
This large and rugged heavy fighter/transport is the perfect craft for bounty hunters, with heavy laser cannon, good shielding and a secure hold for up to 8 prisoners. Additional power cores gives this a Power to Weapons ability.
Era: 18BBY onwards

Preybird-class Starfighter
The original Soro Suub product is a very rugged fighter with medium Laser cannon and concussion missile launcher, while the Mark II upgrade is the staple production model of deep space pirates and features a major overhaul with increased shields and significantly upgraded weapons. Dual missile launchers and heavy laser cannon make this a raider to be feared.
Era: Mark I – 18BBY onwards. Mark II pirate production model: 7 ABY Onwards

Barloz Heavy Raider
This rugged transport is a favourite with deep space pirates and scavengers, and features a light turbolaser, 3 dual laser cannons and a rear-facing torpedo launcher to discourage active pursuit.
Era: 18BBY onwards

Delta-class DX-8 Transport
This older model troop transport is armed with forward facing laser cannon and torpedo launchers and is relatively easy to obtain on the grey-market.
Era: 18BBY onwards

Gamma-class ATR-5 Assault Transport
As a military specification transport, this usually requires excellent contacts to obtain, and often finds service as a heavily armed scout/exploration vessel or as a premium armoured courier sporting 3 turreted dual turbolasers and a proton torpedo launcher.
Era: 18BBY onwards

Guardian-Class Assault Shuttle
More gunship than light cruiser, this semi-legal variant packs in heavy lasers on every facing and adds a rapid firing missile system to counter heavy starfighters. Often deployed to protect shadowports from intruders.
Era: 18BBY onwards

HWK-290 Medium Raider
As true quads are illegal in the Empire, this craft mounts fixed forward facing quad blasters and quad ion cannon as well as a turreted octuple blaster cannon to comply with customs regulations – barely. Often used by opportunistic types to snag the odd cargo when no-one is looking.
Era: 18BBY onwards

YT-1300 Medium Raider
More armed smuggler than true pirate, this is still capable of packing a punch with top and bottom turreted quad blasters, side-firing concussion missiles and a forward facing laser cannon.
Era: 18BBY onwards

YT-2000 Blastboat
This custom upgrade is perfect for bounty hunters and smugglers alike. Heavily armed and manoeuverable, this performs more like a high performance self-escorting bomber with the added bonus that it carries a decent amount of contraband and can punch through most blockades with ease.
Era: 0ABY onwards

YV-666 Assault Transport
Very much the poor-man’s version of the ATR-5, it still hits corvettes hard with turreted dual turbolaser and turboion cannons and a modest torpedo armament.
Era: 18BBY onwards

Fire Ships
Some of the medium freighters have been packed with explosives and converted into Fire ships.
Explosions come in 3 sizes; small, large and very messy. Era: 18BBY onwards

Marauder Missile Cruiser
This is a rather expensive conversion as the standard armaments have been swopped out for 4 concussion missile launchers that each fire one missile every 3 seconds in a terrifiyingly deadly barrage. Although not illegal, this is definitely only obtainable on the black market!
Era: 18BBY onwards

Super Transport VII Interdictor Frigate
Perfect for pulling convoys out of hyperspace and stripping them of escorts, this converted heavy transport carries Dual Laser Cannon, Ion Cannon and multiple warhead launchers to make a killing as a pirate raider.
Era: 18BBY onwards

Super XI Fleet Carrier
A poor man’s Venator or a large pirate cruiser, this dumps multiple squadrons of cheap fighters supported by modest turbolaser, laser cannon and missile launcher emplacements, but is no match for a decent warship.
Era: 18BBY onwards

Illegal Fighters

Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-Wing (Illegal)
Readily available to those with contacts and cash, this is a superior Disruptor-armed dogfighter.
Era: 18BBY-0BBY

Cloakshape Fighter (Illegal)
Modest shielding, Disruptor cannons and an Advanced torpedo launcher make this multi-role heavy fighter a favourite craft for outlaws and pirates.
Era: 18BBY onwards

Mankvim Light Interceptor (Illegal)
Almost a contradiction in terms, this is a cheap, disposable illegal fighter with light shields and slugthrower cannon, and is a favourite of bargain-hunting crime-lords, such as the Hutts.
Era: 18BBY Onwards

Preybird-class Starfighter (Illegal)
As the Preybird eventually became the staple pirate raider, an illegal variant was swift to appear, and is deadly. Heavy Dual Disruptor cannons and 2 advanced concussion missile launchers usually result in a swift demise for any opponent.
Era: 4ABY onwards

R-41 Starchaser (Illegal)
Wingtip mounted Disruptor cannons and a rapid firing slugthrower cannon in the nose act like a chainsaw to opposing fighter squadrons. Advanced missile launchers add to the carnage.
Era: 18BBY onwards

StarViper-class Attack Platform (Illegal)
Modelled on Prince Xisor’s personal craft, this can blow away a medium bomber in a single burst from two Double Disruptor cannons. It’s probably the worst thing ever.
A cargo of Buzz Droids makes this craft a match even for Shadow Droids.
Era: 7ABY Onwards

T-65 X-Wing (Illegal)
4 fire linked Disruptor cannons and Advanced proton torpedoes mounted onto an Incom T-65 X-wing make for a very hard-hitting heavy fighter. These are normally extremely hard to get hold of, and as such are rare.
Era: 4ABY Onwards

T.I.E. Starfighter (Illegal)
With huge numbers of salvaged Republic T.I.E Starfighters left taken from Clone Wars battlefields, this rapidly became the basic Disruptor-armed fighter of choice for many early pirates, and is moderately dangerous when encountered in large numbers.
Era: 18BBY, very rare by 0BBY

TIE Fighter (Illegal)
Fast moving disruptor-fighter replacing the obsolete T.I.E Starfighter (Illegal)
Era: 0BBY onwards

TIE Interceptor (Illegal)
Exceptionally fast and agile this is a superb Disruptor-armed interceptor, normally commanding a very high black market price, and often limited to senior criminal commanders and renegade imperials.
Era: 4ABY Onwards

Z-95 Headhunter (Illegal)
Triple slugthrowers on each wingtip fire an average of 18 armor piercing slugs per trigger burst, making the illegal R41 look like a cheap toy in comparison. Cheap and very nasty en-masse.
Era: 18BBY – 10BBY

The semi-legal variants and illegal snubfighters are the most common form of custom pirate modifications on the black market.
Part II of this study will explore the heavy guns of the pirate world – illegal bombers and anything of corvette sized and larger that has been modified with illegal disruptor weaponry, mass drivers and the very expensive black market missile systems. . .



There Isn't Enough Life On This Ice Cube To Fill A Space Cruiser

Posted by Phoenix Rising at Phoenix Rising News on March 17, 2010

I don't know about anyone else, but to me, planets in EaW never really felt like the bustling oases of civilization that they are. You chase off a few pirates, plant your flag on a world, and start building bases. That, in addition to the given advantage, was the extent of life from the strategic view. The galaxy outside of the conflict did not seem to exist.

Since Ghostrider joined as campaign designer, we've come a long way towards reanimating a dead galaxy. We've attained the most diverse and detailed starting forces of any mod, each individualized by planet and timeline. Now it's my turn to correct planetary advantages.

The concept of the advantage is a great one for strategy; the idea being that certain worlds perform better than others in certain roles. Unfortunately vanilla advantages tended to be either overly mechanical - inexplicable outside of the context of gameplay - or dependent on future circumstances that may or may not occur in a given campaign. Endor's reflective armor bonus is a dual example: it was never a producer of vehicle armor, but could've been so associated because AT-ST were historically stationed there in 4 ABY. On top of that, advantages were one-dimensional, such as to imply a planet could have but a singular focus.

When I originally started adding new planets to PR, I didn't put much thought into formulating a comprehensive scheme for their advantages; it just occurred piecemeal. Each planet got at least one advantage and that was it. About midway through the development on v1.1, I began to see the flaws in this approach - there was no uniformity in the design and every bonus stacked - but it wasn't until recently that it became crippling. There was a point after hero leadership was put into place where you could combine bonuses to cut unit costs by 90% or ignore the majority of combat damage. Thus began the overhaul.

First of all, virtually none of the advantages you're familiar with from the present release remain unchanged. The revamped lot has been extensively researched and rebuilt from scratch. Borrowing a page from SoaSE, planetary advantages, those with a local effect, are now mostly standardized. These include:

  • Academy (Branch) - Production Bonus (Infantry): Cost 25%, Time 25%; Production Bonus (Non-Infantry): Cost 10%, Time 10%
  • Agriculture 1-3 - Population Capacity: +10/level
  • Archives 1-3 - Production Bonus (Research): Cost 5%/level
  • Automation (Land/Space) - Production Bonus (Structure): Cost -50%; Production Bonus (Non-Infantry): Cost 25%
  • Cloning - Production Bonus (Infantry): Cost 100%, Time -100%
  • Corporation (Corporation) - Production Bonus (Corporation): Cost 25%, Time 25%; Global Production Bonus (Corporation): Cost 10%
  • Factories (Class) - Production Bonus (Infantry): Time 10%; Production Bonus (Non-Infantry): Time 25%
  • Force Nexus (Alignment)
  • Mining 1-5 - Income (Mining): 100 * 2 ^ (level - 1)
  • Research 1-3 - Production Bonus (Research): Cost 5%/level, Time 5%/level
  • Shipyards (Class) - Production Bonus (Class): Time 25%
  • Spynet
  • Stealth (Land/Space)
  • Underworld - Income (Planetary): +0-100%
  • University 1-3 - Production Bonus (Infantry): Time 10%/level; Production Bonus (Research): Time 5%/level
Should two similar advantages be located on the same planet, such as an army academy and a university, they never stack with each other; only the highest of the bonuses is taken. The only exception to this is for combined personnel and materiel production: if a planet is lucky enough to have both a navy academy and a civilian starship shipyard, the time bonus can reach 32.5% (0.9 * 0.75). This is on top of any bonus from building multiple military shipyards and hero motivation, so a planet can become very specialized. I should point out that most bonuses, including cost, are actually additive for the purposes of stacking.

If you read the bullet about the mining advantage and got confused, you probably should be. This is a radically different approach to the concept of mining. Mining facility income used to scale with a world economy, with the old mining colony advantage imposing a simple bonus multiplier. That meant, all else the same, Coruscant had the best mines. It made no sense to us. Instead, we created five fixed-income facilities that increasingly double in value depending on the type of ore being mined. Now, every facility you build on Gromas 16 to collect phrikite is worth an impressive 1600, while the miners that eat Coruscant's duracrete rate a lousy 100. Also, in case it's not clear, every planet is automatically afforded Mining 1 and Agriculture 1, so those won't show up in their advantages.

Planetary advantages are useful for making infrastructure decisions, but they're relatively minor compared to galactic advantages. These are the coveted combat bonuses that affect your entire war effort. They operate like - and in addition to - hero leadership bonuses, but on a global scale. Of all the various galactic advantages in v1.1, I was able to narrow everything down to three stacking categories: materials, technology, and knowledge.

In a nod to Civ, a materials bonus comes from access to a resource. This includes everything from strategic metals to exceptional food, drink, spice, and recreation. Remember that mining facility on Gromas? It's now doubly important because it also improves your droid armor.

A technology bonus represents having the best product for the job, commonly in association with controlling a corporation that expertly produces said product. These are the unequivocal finest goods on the market - Mandalorian armor, Kuati walkers, Corellian engines - and they're more difficult to come by than resources.

Probably the most elusive bonus, however, is the knowledge bonus. To rate this bonus, a planet must know how to do something exceptionally better than the rest of the galaxy - a rare feat in the age of HoloNet. Stormtrooper training, Duros piloting, and Ssi-ruuk entechment are all examples of this type. There is usually no more than one per discipline.

If you can acquire an advantage from all three categories, it will generally combine to produce the effect of a five-star hero bonus, materials being worth one star and the others worth two. The two differences are reveal and recharge advantages, which can only be half as good as leadership, at best. There are also a few partial advantages that are weighted less than the cap. Even without a full bonus, galactic advantages are powerful enough to plan your entire long-term strategy around should you connect several complementary ones, including which lines you pay to upgrade.

With the depth and variety that's been added with advantages, we've effectively reinvented the galactic level of the game. Between this and heroes, research is no longer the certain trump that it was; it is now viable to pursue alternatives. Innumerable strategies await in PR v1.2.



Petrolution: Remember we work for you!

Posted by Digz at Petrolution News on January 31, 2010

To all existing hostees and potential new ones that are browsing around, I'd just like to remind you that we, at Petrolution work for you!

I'd like to take a few minutes of your time to tell all of you and the fans of your mods, what we are doing to get more exposure for your mods. Firstly, it's all about PR, over at Petroglyph forums lies the main user base for all EaW/UaW players left, that's why in my new sig and all other sigs I make I will link every single mod that Petrolution hosts. I will of course make my sigs look cool as always to attract the most attention.

Arguably, you're all thinking, what's that going to do? Well, Berek, the Community Manager at Petroglyph wants to make sure the community of these games stick together, I have proposed that we most mod news and spotlights in their monthly community newsletter which thousands of fans read, to get your mods on there is my top priority and it will give you a massive boost not only in downloads but fans participating in discussion and wanting to know more about your mod!

I'm also going to be publishing weekly news updates here on Petrolution about all of the updates and news about your mods, as well as other interesting things that are happening over at Petroglyph.

It's a fantastic time to be a hostee here at Petrolution, a time where you are going to get a lot more exposure rather than in the attic of the Petrolution forums. I have found the key and opening up that attic door, letting your mods flow out, but at the same time attracting new mods and fans in.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to PM/Email me or comment here and we can see what we can do for you!




Petrolution wants you!

Posted by Longleaf at Petrolution News on October 30, 2009

Lets see how many people in the Division i get to lead know me any way i have a few jobs positions that i would like filled , I am wanting to hire from inside Petrolution so any body with some spare time please apply ;) .

News poster For Universe at War x1: You will need to go to different Universe at War modding sites and communities and update our Mod News section with all the latest mod news for all the members of Petrolution to look at. Keeping the Mod News section updated is really something that keeps the forum going and constantly updated, so this is an extremely important role, but it doesn't take up an awful amount of time.

News poster For new Petroglyph games x1: You will need to go and news of the new Petroglyph games News section with all the latest mod news for all the members of Petrolution to look at. Keeping the News section updated is really something that keeps the forum going and constantly updated, so this is an extremely important role, but it doesn't take up an awful amount of time.

Public Relations x1: We need someone to represent Petrolution, to go to other sites and affiliate with them, also your role will be getting ideas in how to make the forums and site more user friendly and also suggest new features that will make the site more attractive. This role could also be merged with the Mod Recruitment role as well if you so wish.

Mod Recruitment x2: As you know, divisions on Revora are mostly about modding, so we need lots of mods to make Petrolution active and a great place to be for a large community. Your role as Mod Recruitment would be to recruit mods to Petrolution to get hosting, this could be sub-domain website hosting/forum hosting or both. This role could also be merged with the PR role as well if you so wish.

Mod Specialists - as many as we can get: Being a mod specialist, you don't need to be 100% active, all this requires is to be around the forums for as long as you can spare and reply to some of threads where people are having problems playing certain mods, or having problems with modding. Also a plus would be to make guides on modding and mapping, they don't have to be big, just in small parts if you wish.

When applying reply using the following template.

- Where can we reach you? (E-Mail/Instant Messaging)
- Out of curiosity how long you have been a member of Revora?
- Any experience in the job you are applying for?
- Other skills that you have that could be put to use (web designing, forum managing, etc)
- If we consider you be more useful in another role, would you be willing to accept that role if given the choice?



Time For A New Emperor

Posted by Digz at Petrolution News on October 7, 2009

Real life takes over, and it's true, unfortunately I'm at Uni now, and I also have a job alongside which doesn't leave me with much free time. I tried many things like moving some responsibilities elsewhere but it wasn't enough. It's nothing to do with Revora itself, it's just my life at the moment does not let me have a moments rest, if I'm not at Uni, I'm at work, if I'm not at work, I'm reading, if I'm not reading, I'm doing coursework or reading about reading.

I want someone to be able to give 100% to Petrolution and Revora, and I can't do that so I don't want to be a barrier to this sites potential. I feel in the coming months, we have many new hostees and a new leader will be able to really take the reigns and carry on from where I left off, adding in Mytheon and the other games too.

Modders here on Petrolution are great, I've never seen work like this before, you truly are some of the best modders in gaming, and I would seriously be thinking about a career in game design if I were you, I bet some of you could even make it right now, let alone going through college or whatever.

Anyway, I won't babble, it's been a pleasure, I'll be on here checking some mods out and posting here and there, but otherwise this is my final post as leader of Petrolution, and as staff on Revora.