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Petrolution Hosting

Petrolution is a Modding Resource Hub for Petroglyph Games. We try our best to provide the latest news about Petroglyph modding. We also provide many services as you can see on the left hand side of the website. One of these services we offer to the public, is MOD and Project hosting for Petroglyph Games.

What Do We Host?

At Petrolution we offer hosting to mainly just Modification Projects for Petroglyph Games. If you have a site that's related to Petroglyph Gaming and Modding that you'd be interested in getting hosting for, feel free to contact us via the form at the bottom of this page. We're always open to new ideas.

Why Host With Us?

Petrolution is part of the Revora Creative Network which strives to bring free, powerful and easily accessible hosting for Game Modifications and other creative projects.Some of the benefits of Petrolution hosting are:

Unmetered Space & Bandwidth!

Revora runs it's own dedicated server, and since creativity is the main focus of it's hosting we are proud to present to you with unmetered upload space. Note the terminology, we can't gaurentee unlimited space for you as our server doesn't have a blackhole for a harddrive but we will not be setting any defined limits for your site and server space. If we think you're using an excessive amount, this will be dealt with on a "Case-by-case" basis.In which case the Petrolution Administration have the final say.

Full Control

We run a software package called cPanel on our webserver. cPanel is very powerful and flexible software that allows you to manage pretty much anything you will ever need for your site - yourself! MYSQL Database management? FTP Account creation? Email box cration? No more of the tiring process of emails back and forth from customer service, you can do it yourself with a friendly Staff team to help you if you have any questions. Cool huh?


As stated numerous times previously, Petrolution is part of the Revora Creative Network. This allows you to get maximum exposure throughout the network for your site through three main things.

  • Network Bar
  • Network Forums
  • Development Aid

The Network bar is the black bar that you see at the very top of this page. It's also featured on every single other page of every single other website in the whole network! It allows you to get extra coverage of your site on sites that would previously be completely unrelated. It's very easy to add to your site, all it takes is a simple one line javascript include code which we will provide you with if you want to host with us. It's not supposed to be something to be annoying or be unhelpful to you. But it goes both ways. If you won't display the network bar on your site - we won't feature your site on the network bar.

The Forums. These are the hub of activity for the Revora Network. There's always something happening there so it's a really neat thing to be apart of. If you registered on this site you are registered on the Revora forums. When you get Petrolution hosting we offer you a forum on revora. You can get a forum with full moderator priviledges over it and request more subforums as required. You can even get password protected staff forums for your team to discuss top secret mod plans in private.

Hosted members gain access to a forum on Revora called the Developers Corner where you can get help with the development of your website. There's some super-smart people there who would love to help you out with your website. Petrolution also offers support with website development from our own staff team.

Getting Hosted

So all this sounds pretty good? You want to go ahead and apply for hosting? Great! Let's just run over some general rules that are "prerequisite" to get hosting. We only host projects that we deem to have potential, so show us a model a concept drawing, some screenshots or at the very least some plans as to what you want to do. You also have to have some ability in being able to build your website, we've got people who will support you all the way in that so even if you have no knowledge about web design we're here to help. If we don't think your mod has enough potential to warrant hosting - Don't give up! You can still make a Mod Profile Page and keep working on your mod till you have a bit more to show.

All good? Let's do it then. You need to write an application to the Staff of Petrolution:

Apply Here!