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Petrolution Staff

We have a dedicated Staff team who are here to assist you however they can:


Hi, I'm Digz the new leader for I've been recruited fairly early in my Revora life and really want this site to develop and progress into one of the biggest EaW/UaW modding communities. I have a vast background in managing websites and forums so should be able to help out this community as much as I can and do not plan on going anywhere until my work here is done. To be less informal, I love Star Wars and want all the games to succeed and want all the mods too as well, that's why I wanted to be admin here and really help out this great community of modders and players alike.Finally, My favourite Star Wars quote of all time would have to be Darth Vaders, "I find your lack of faith disturbing..."

Key Roles: Community Leadership | Hosting Support | General Modding Queries| Staff Management


Banshee is a former Network Leader of Revora and Manager of Petrolution. Banshee has formally resigned from both positions due to University commitments but has helped a lot with the new site design and still drops in fairly often to see how things are going.

You can contact any of the staff members from their profiles, in the forums or you can send the staff as a whole a message through the contact form.

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