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UAW Official Map Pack 1

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Category: Propaganda
Created: Saturday October 25, 2008 - 13:26
Updated: Sunday October 26, 2008 - 14:27
Views: 8119
Summary: Three new maps for Universe at War by the Petroglyph devs.


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The First UaW map pack has been completed!

3 four player maps:

Northern Heights
Peruvian Hills
Southern Lowlands

To install these maps go to the CustomMaps folder where your game is installed. The standard path is:

C: > Program Files > Sega > Universe At War Earth Assault > Data > CustomMaps

Save Both the .TGA and .TED files to this folder. Maps will appear in your Multiplayer map selections menu in game.


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Download UAW Official Map Pack #12217October 25, 2008 - 13:27

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