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Tips and Strategies for Panzer General

Article for Panzer General: Allied Assault PGA

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Created: Sunday May 16, 2010 - 17:20
Updated: Sunday May 16, 2010 - 17:21
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Summary: A quick set of tips to improve your performance against your friends.


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TIPS & STRATEGIES from Chuck Kroegel (Designer of Panzer General: Allied Assault)

1. When building the map first stack all the map tiles in an offset fashion, overlapping each other, so that you see the map tile number and letter all in a row. I find this helps finding all the tiles you need quickly to make the map.

2. When you first play a unit the act of placing it on the map uses all of its actions. Note that action cards may give it additional actions later.

3. Units can lend support in battle even if they have already used all of their allowable actions in the turn. Giving support is a free action and you can do it multiple times in a turn. It makes artillery very valuable. If the support value of a unit has no range in the card text it is assumed to be a range of 1 (vertical, horzontal or at the diagonal).

4. If a defending unit is "dug in" it fires first when the attacker announces the combat. A very deadly situation, especially if the defender has plenty of support. Some units have a "auto dig in" ability which means that at the beginning of each player's turn, enemy or friendly, they revert to "dug in" status. Put a "dug in" counter on them at that time. These are tough units.

5. Be sure to read the glossary and map tile sections at the back of the rule book. There are some important rules in those sections such as the fact that Hard Target units may not enter swamps and do not get terrain bonuses in defence, fortifications give auto "dug in" status to units on them, hills give the attacker a terrain bonus when firing, support with a range of one may not be given from a unit in bocage, and scout cars unveil enemy units two spaces away, even as they move. Check it out.

6. As you are in the middle of combat playing combat action cards, be sure to increment or decrement your total on the tracker board when you receive a boost or a negative to morale since each adds or subtracts to your attack values.

7. Keep in mind that morale boosts and negatives affect the combat values against enemy targets. They also modify the morale of the unit (important since reducing morale to zero eliminates it). Morale boosts and negatives DO NOT modify the defense value of a unit.

8. Being at the diagonal is also being adjacent.

9. Don't forget to promote your units that eliminate an enemy unit. It gets one morale boost, which can negate a morale negative that the unit may be carrying with it.

10. Always look at the unit abilities on the cards. Your units and the enemy units. The abilities really affect the game strategies.


Chuck Kroegel (Designer of Panzer GeneralAllied Assault)

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