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Panzer General: Russian Assault Press Release

Article for Panzer General: Allied Assault PGA

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Created: Monday May 10, 2010 - 18:24
Updated: Monday May 10, 2010 - 18:52
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Summary: This is the original press release that announced the existence of the game in april 2010


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PETROGLYPH®, the Developer and Publisher of Panzer® General: Allied Assault, ANNOUNCES PANZER GENERAL: RUSSIAN ASSAULT TM the Board Game

PANZER GENERAL: RUSSIAN ASSAULT TM will be Available in September 2010

Las Vegas, NV (April 12, 2010) --
Today Petroglyph announced the development of Panzer General: Russian AssaultTM, a strategy board game with a World War II-based setting, to be released this September exclusively in North America.

Panzer General: Russian Assault is a sequel to the hit title Panzer General: Allied Assault and is a quick playing game of WWII tactical / operational combat using a unique blend of cards, miniatures, and a board game. The game will support both solo and 2-Player gameplay.

"Petroglyph has released multiple critically and commercially successful strategy games in recent years, and we look forward to releasing another top-quality, independently-developed and distributed board game,” said Chuck Kroegel, General Manager of Petroglyph. “Panzer General: Russian Assault features a unique setting with a familiar gameplay style that we know both WWII fans and strategy gaming enthusiasts will enjoy."

New to the Panzer General game system with this sequel are 80 plastic miniatures depicting tanks, infantry and artillery. There are also over 100 new Action Cards, Units, and Abilities. The game provides 12 solo and two-player scenarios depicting combat situations between the German and Russian forces in such battles as Stalingrad, Kursk, Moscow, Leningrad and many others.

Russian Assault takes place in the largest theatre of WWII, the Eastern Front. Units and variable terrain closely depict the different climates and combat situations experienced in this theatre from the Western Front of Panzer General: Allied Assault. Petroglyph takes the Panzer General series to a whole new level of strategy by placing the sequel in one of the most complex and deadliest theatres of the war.

“The community has eagerly awaited another WWII board game title from Petroglyph since Panzer General: Allied Assault's successful blend of card and board gameplay," said Mathew Anderson, Community Manager at Petroglyph. "We are excited to present Panzer General: Russian Assault to anyone who shares our passion for unique strategic board games.”

Panzer General: Russian Assault will be available from the Petroglyph web store, online retailers, and local game and hobby stores later this year.

Published by Petroglyph and under license from Ubisoft®.

Stock number: PTG20004
MSRP Price: $60.00

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