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Improved Venator (v1.1)

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Category: Community Modifications
Created: Sunday October 5, 2008 - 14:41
Updated: Sunday October 5, 2008 - 14:42
Views: 5970
Summary: Improves the Venator unit and a bit more than that.


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New And Improved Venator mod version 1 for Star Wars Empire At War
By Dfeeds (my first mod for EAW)

added files/folders:

What this mod does:
Changed scale of Venator
Changed both laser cannon batteries to turbolaser batteries (also changed the projectile color to blue)
Increased tactical health, shield health, and hardpoint hitpoints
Changed build points for venator (only able to be built at Kuat, Fondor, Sollust, and Mon Calamari)
Changed accuracy for ion cannons and turbo lasers
Increased damage dealt over all
Rebel varient spawns 2 squads of x-wings with 8 in reserve and 1 squad of y wings with 4 in reserve
Empire varient spawns 2 squads of tie fighters with 8 in reserve and 1 tie bomber squad with 4 in reserve
Enabled Venators to be built by starbases (tech 3) in skirmish mode
Added 2 unique hero space units, one for Obi-Wan and the other for the Emperor (same ship just with the red stripe versus the plain dull gray), the Emperors is called Sith Venator, Obi-Wans is Jedi Venator
Both ships have increased shield recharge rate, sheild strength, and tactical health from the normal Venator
Jedi and Sith Venator spawn 3 squads of V-wings with 15 in reserve
Also changed the fighter sizes to .7 to .4 (looks so much better if you have the default ship sizes)
Added custom tooltips for Jedi Venator and Sith Venator (custom description and named)
Changed music for main menu (battle of the heroes) added music for land and tactical battles (anakin vs. obiwan and Dual of the Fates)

changes in v1.1
Added custom tooltips for Jedi Venator and Sith Venator (custom description and named)
Fixed problem where you'd see Emperor Palpatine on Rebel side in space tactical battles (the problem was that you were able to build both the Sith and Jedi cruiser in the ground units section, don't know how that happened but its solved now so you should see them a lot less often)
Problem where you couldn't build the Venator after upgrading to tech lvl 4 in skirmish battles fixed
Changed price of Venator to 4500 for campaign and skirmish to 4000
Changed the .tga icon for V-wing from Z95 headhunter to the V-wing

tested in skirmish mode, rebel campaign, and galactic conquest (all singleplayer)

known bugs: have major slow downs when giving the attack order to groups of Venators (not all the time, and I can't peg the the conditions under where it happens)

Installation: first make a folder in your gamedata/data location named XML, then simply copy all the .xml files into your new XML folder
To install the .DAT file simply paste it in your gamedata/data/text directory

What to expect in next version:
Possibly another size alter on Venator
Energy Beam and maybe Tractor beam for special ability

have fun, hope everyone enjoys the new and improved Venator as much as I do

credits: i used Slocket's Venator_Full_2 mod to enable the Venator

Legal Stuff:

You can use this mod as long as I get notified of it.

Links / Downloads

Download Improved Venator (v1.1)1431October 5, 2008 - 14:42


Made by Dfeeds

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