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EAW Realism Mod 0.4

Download for Empire at War EAW

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Category: Community Modifications
Created: Sunday October 5, 2008 - 8:42
Updated: Sunday October 5, 2008 - 9:00
Views: 2708
Summary: This mod makes land battles becomes more realistic by changing hitpoints, damage, etc.


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Empire at War Realism mod v0.40

By Tiger

This mod is basically aimed to make land battles look and feel more realistic by drastically changing damage and hitpoint values, while striving to maintain balance. Infantry have been scaled down to to look better in comparison to the vehicles.

All infantry are now cannon fodder, equally able to dispatch one another. Vehicles are now much more like the killing machines from the movies.

To Install

Simply extract into your Star Wars Empire at War folder (default is C:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\Star Wars Empire at War). Or you can manually place the XML folder in your Star Wars Empire at War\GameData\Data folder.

0.40 Changes

* Buildings now much larger.
* Major and minor hero health halved.
* Veers' ATAT now has regular ATAT health.
* Landing craft scale adjusted.
* MPTL-2A Artillery, T4-B Tank, SPMA-T and AT-AT speed slowed by a 3rd.
* Infantry cost a fith of what they used to, including scout bikes.
* Infantry build time halved, including scout bikes

0.30 Changes

* Turret health and damage doubled.
* Imperial Elite Gaurd damage and health doubled.
* All indigenous creatures and minor heroes have been rescaled.
* All indigenous creatures damage and health has been reduced. No more rambo wookies.
* Infantry landing craft(and the Millenium Falcon) have been rescaled on land maps.
* Fixed the overpowered shields on the Rebel T2B Tank.

0.20 Changes

* Vehicle health returned to normal.
* Most vehicle's (not including flyers) inaccuracy vs other vehicles and infantry removed.
* All infantry vs infantry inaccuracy removed, with the exception of anti-vehicle troops, who are more accurate vs vehicles now.
* Rebel trooper originally had 20% more health than a Storm Trooper. They now have the same value.
* Hero units have been rescaled to fit with other infantry. There speed has been adjusted also.
* Fixed the cap on infantry in land battles. The limit is now 30.
* All all faction's space battle unit caps increased to 50.
* Admiral Veers' ATAT now does correct modified amount of damage.
* Bomber Damage Increased to scale with other units - may be unbalanced, will reduce if necessary.
* No more intro movies. smile

0.10 Changes

* All unit caps doubled (land and space battles). Empire space unit cap increased to 50
* All infantry reduced to half scale
* All infantry formation spacing halved
* All infantry speed halved
* All infantry hitpoints divided by 10
* All infantry damage multiplied by 10
* All vehicle damage multiplied by 10
* All vehicle hitpoints multiplied by 2

Comments/suggestions/bugs to Tiger (mod readme includes the real email)

DISCLAMER: This mod can be freely distributed as long as it is kept free. Try to give credit where due.

Links / Downloads

Download EAW Realism Mod 0.4951October 5, 2008 - 8:43


Made by Tiger

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