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End of Nations F.A.Q

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Created: Monday May 17, 2010 - 3:48
Updated: Monday May 17, 2010 - 3:50
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Summary: Frequently asked questions about End of the Nations.


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End of Nations - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Game Overview

What is End of Nations?

End of Nations brings the Real-time Strategy and Massively Multiplayer Online games together for a gaming experience that is a revolutionary leap for the RTS genre.

What is a MMORTS?

A Massively Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy (MMORTS) game combines the action and strategy of the RTS genre with the massive persistent world, character progression, and individual achievement of a traditional MMO.

How is End of Nations a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game?

End of Nations embraces the "massive" in MMO by giving RTS gamers the chance to play alongside scores of other commanders, taking on missions, campaigns and battles too immense to be tackled by any one player. End of Nations also incorporates individual progression or "character development" usually found in RPGs. Choose a Commander class and play the role you want in combat, earning experience from both solo and cooperative battles. This battlefield experience is necessary for unlocking new units and gaining more powerful abilities. As your Commander advances, your armies can venture around the globe for even greater challenges against The Order of Nations forces.

How is End of Nations a Real-time Strategy (RTS) Game?

Strategy gamers will immediately recognize many traditional RTS game play elements, such as moment-to-moment unit management, where knowing how and when to engage and utilize specific units can mean the difference between victory and defeat. End of Nations also features strategic unit selection, which gives players the opportunity to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their battlefield assets. Most importantly, End of Nations features hard-hitting, core RTS gameplay that RTS fans have come to know and love.

2. Game Details

When will End of Nations be released?

We have not set an official release date for End of Nations, but this website will always have the latest information about the game's development and important dates. You can also subscribe to our official End of Nations community newsletter and get the most up-to-date news on the game delivered to you.

Are there classes in End of Nations like in other MMOs?

Players start in End of Nations by choosing a specific Commander Class. These Commander Classes offer different abilities, combat-tactic specialties, and other strategic advantages in gameplay. Each Class excels in a different combat style on the battlefield, so players who want to undertake major encounters will benefit from assembling groups with a range of complementary Commander Classes.

As a player, what exactly am I leveling in End of Nations?

As with many MMO games, you will be leveling your Commander class inside of the game, not your individual units. As your Commander advances, new powers and abilities become available to enhance your tactical capabilities.

Will there be Player vs. Player combat in End of Nations?

End of Nations has a robust and exciting PvP gameplay system. Players can participate in a wide variety of PvP events, missions, and open combat areas across the world.

What exactly is a “points per unit" load-out system?

One of the most important things to deliver in a new RTS experience is a relatively balanced playing field. End of Nations will deliver a battlefield experience that caters to new recruits and veterans alike, particularly on PvP maps.

Each unit in your army will have an attached point-value associated with it based on its overall strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Every battlefield around the world will have a fixed point-value attached to that map, which all Commanders must plan for. Each player will have to mix and match their unit collections to stay below the point cap on a selected map. This selection process is called a player "load-out". The system allows for a high degree of unit flexibility for Commanders, while still restricting each player's army to roughly the same strength, keeping the game balanced.

Will there be crafting or trading in End of Nations?

End of Nations offers in-depth Manufacturing and Trade Skills systems . Raw materials can be gathered from a variety of different sources, including combat looting, missions, storefronts, and even other players.
By learning and advancing different Trade Skills, you will be able to refine or combine raw materials into finished combat vehicles, special ammunition, repair kits, and many other valuable types of equipment for use in your armies -- or even for sale on the global market.

Will there be player guilds or clans in End of Nations?

Absolutely. The game will offer a comprehensive guild system that will be accessible for all player organizations both large and small.

3. General Information

What are the computer system requirements for End of Nations?

End of Nations is still under active development. We will have details on specific system requirements closer to the game's release.

Will I have to pay a subscription fee to play End of Nations?

Yes, a subscription fee will be required to play End of Nations. However, the exact price per month is still being determined and will be announced much closer to the game’s release.

Will I need a broadband connection to play?

A high-speed broadband connection will be required to play End of Nations.

Will End of Nations be available in different languages? If so, which ones?

End of Nations will be available in English, French and German at launch. Other languages are to be determined.

Will End of Nations be available to buy as a digital download?

Yes, End of Nations will be available for purchase in a variety of ways, including digital download and as a boxed product in your local video game retailer.

Will there be a closed or open beta test?

End of Nations will have both a closed and an open beta test. More details will be released about these specific testing programs in the months ahead.

How can I get into the beta test?

We have not yet announced any plans for the beta test. Sign-up for the Community newsletter to get the latest information and news about End of Nations.

I've been locked out of my account, what do I do?

If you are unable to change your password or have been locked out of your account due to multiple failed login attempts, please send a help request to

Who is Trion Worlds?

Trion Worlds, Inc. is the publisher and developer of server-based dynamic online games and original entertainment for the connected world. With a mission to revolutionize interactive entertainment by combining the best elements of online, gaming, and traditional media, Trion has built a technology platform that provides groundbreaking new capabilities and is currently focused on developing and publishing compelling content.

Headquartered in Redwood Shores, Calif., with development and technology studios in San Diego, Calif., and Austin, Texas, Trion combines vision and experience in the interactive entertainment industry with a world-class team of internet and gaming veterans. Between them, Trion’s team members have developed and shipped more than 100 original titles.

Who is Petroglyph?

Founded in 2003, Petroglyph is an award-winning, independent game development studio located in Las Vegas. The company is composed of industry veterans with a studio-wide average of over ten years in game development. The Petroglyph team specializes in the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) genre, leveraging the experience gained from developing original hit franchises for PC and consoles. Petroglyph uses their proprietary GLYPH game engine, tools and technology to power their next-generation titles.

This F.A.Q will be updated to match records of Trion and Petroglyph Games as soon as updates to their F.A.Q's are released.

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