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Universe At War Patch 0.2

Download for Universe at War: Earth Assault UAW

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Category: Propaganda
Created: Tuesday March 4, 2008 - 12:49
Updated: Friday March 7, 2008 - 14:38
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Summary: download patch 2 now!


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Patch 0.2 is here and also allows the game to be modded

General/Gameplay Changes

* Four brand new skirmish/multiplayer maps have been added:
Washington D.C. (1 vs 1)
Atlatea (1 vs 1)
Arecibo (1 vs 1)
Grand Canyon (8 players)
* Atlatea, Arecibo, and Washington D.C. have been added to the Ranked game map rotation
* Most Abnormal Game Exit crashes should now be a thing of the past (oh man am I glad to type that)
* That occasional invulnerable walker thing? Fixed.
* Walker hardpoints are now always customizable after loading a saved game
* Camera distance increased by 22%
* Map transfer support added (maps go in Data\CustomMaps)
* Mod support added (full mod tools coming soon)
* AMD driver and detection issues resolved
* UI response time and behavior has been improved
* DirectX 10 performance improvements
* All shadows should now touch units’ feet
* Miscellaneous AI improvements
* Quick Match should now be more responsive when matching
* Players can no longer modify their settings in a Custom session once the host has started the countdown
* Outdated replays now appear in red to indicate that they were recorded with a different version
* Replays no longer quit at the point another player leaves the game
* Newly recorded replays should behave better in general (alternate universe replays should no longer happen)
* The camera view can now be rotated via the keyboard (left and right arrows)
* Removed 5 cows from Appalachia southwest starting area
* Several Russian and Korean language audio/text fixes
* General terrain and map beautification. Also, more crushing!
* Civilian pathfinding optimized for better performance
* The Inverter shield is now lowered upon being EMPed
* Conquerors no longer pass through buildings while using Vortex
* Masari Knowledge Vault upgrades are no longer cancelable by attacking the upgrade in progress
* Altea’s Peace now shuts off Saucer foo behaviors
* Allies can no longer be taken over by Mind Magnets
* Phased units are no longer targeted by Mind Magnet
* Avengers no longer spawn when Masari vehicles are uploaded by Vertigo
* Vertigo can no longer upload other Vertigos in multiplayer games (the ramifications were just too confusing)
* Midnight basketball league for at-risk youth added

Masari balance changes

* Figments no longer require Knowledge Vault Tier 1 upgrade for production
* Figment damage vs infantry increased by 50%
* Figment damage vs vehicles, walkers and structures reduced by 60%
* Figment health reduced by 15%, DMA pool reduced by 50%
* Figment cost reduced from 55 to 50, and build time reduced from 50 to 45
* Figment Light Mine damage vs infantry increased by 50%
* Figment Light Mine damage vs vehicles and structures reduced by 30%
* Peace Bringer Disintegrate damage reduced by 30%
* Peace Bringer Tractor Beam range reduced by 20%
* Peace Bringer Tractor Beam speed modifier reduced from 90% to 30% (Mirabel can now flee!)
* Peace Bringer global damage increased by 50%
* Peace Bringer range reduced by 40% in both Light and Dark mode
* Sentry DMA Pool reduced by 50%
* Skylord range increased by 18% in Light mode
* Skylord damage vs vehicles and structures increased by 15%
* Skylord price increased from 160 to 175
* Disciple damage vs infantry reduced by 50% in both Light and Dark mode
* Disciple damage vs vehicles, structures, and aircraft increased by 40% in both Light and Dark mode
* Conqueror Light mode range reduced by 10%
* Conqueror Light mode FOW reveal reduced by 10%
* Guardian Turret FOW increased by 10%
* Guardian Turret rate of fire increased by 10%
* Knowledge Vault Tier 2 upgrade build time reduced from 100 to 85 seconds
* Oracle range reduced by 35% in both Light and Dark mode
* Oracle cost increased from 60 to 80
* Oracle build time increased from 40 to 45 seconds
* Oracle beam weapon min range increased by 10%
* Sky Guardian price increased from 50 to 60 credits
* Sky Guardian build time increased from 35 to 38 seconds
* Sky Guardian upgrade price reduced from 75 to 50
* Sky Guardian upgrade build time reduced from 50 to 40 seconds
* Sky Guardian range in Light mode reduced by 15%
* Sky Guardian min range properly set
* Dark matter weapons now do 25% less damage vs dark matter armor.

Hierarchy balance changes

* Gravitic Turret now has a minimum range of 40
* Gravitic Turret price increased from 300 to 400
* Radiation Spitter Turret Cost increased from 450 to 475
* Monolith Stealth reveal refresh timer updates more often
* Walkers now bring all turrets to bear on targets
* Walker Foo Chamber healing amount increased by 10% per second
* Nufai Phase Claw damage vs vehicles and infantry increased by 20%
* Brute damage vs infantry increased by 15%
* Brute charge ability now does 100% damage to all unbuffed turrets
* Brute Death from above damage vs all vehicles reduced by 15%
* Lost One damage vs aircraft increased by 20%
* Walker Arc Turret damage increased by 20% vs aircraft
* Monolith Beam weapon damage vs infantry increased by 10%
* Mass Drop damage vs Aircraft increased by 100%
* Defiler popcap increased from 2 to 3
* Defiler build time increased from 24 to 26 seconds
* Defiler Project Radiation Ability recharge increased from 20 to 28 seconds

Novus balance changes

* Amplifier spin-up time per damage stage reduced by 3 seconds
* Corruptor stealth reveal refresh timer updates more often
* Corruptor damage vs all infantry types increased by 10%
* OHM damage vs heavy infantry increased by 15%
* Blade Trooper damage vs all infantry increased by 60%
* Dervish Death Blossom range reducedby 30%
* Redirection Turret FOW reveal increased by 15%
* Redirection Turret projectile chaining damage reduced by 10%

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patch 0.22577March 4, 2008 - 12:50


Petroglyh StudiosGame Creator

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